We are the specialists of

Snow removal tags
&Retaining rods

Why choose Production C.A.T.?

Production C.A.T. is a major producer of snow removal tags in North America.
We offer superior print quality on all of our tags and rigorous production quality.

Snow removal tags

We have developed a snow removal tag that can comply with the regulations. The following snow removal tags are almost similar to Bell Canada and Hydro Quebec snow removal tags . The main purpose of our snow removal tags is to protect the property of your customers, to protect your equipment and municipal equipment, to facilitate the work of your employees.

Retaining rods

Our fiberglass retaining rods are strong and pose no danger to your customers’ vehicles! They are fitted with a reflector.

  • Format 3/8″ X 60″
  • Format 7/16″ X 60″
  • Format 1/2″ x 72″ (yellow only)
  • Colors: orange, yellow, blue, red
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